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Me and My Golf

Dual-Turf Golf Hitting Mat

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Mini-Series Training Videos included:

  • VIDEO 1 - Iron concept and beginner training
  • VIDEO 2 - Set to point
  • VIDEO 3 - The K bomb
  • Check out the taster video below

1 x Dual Turf Golf Hitting Mat:

  • Perfect size 32.5 cm wide by 62.5 cm long
  • Includes 3 rubber tees (7 cm, 5 cm & 3 cm)
  • Two hitting surfaces fairway & rough
  • Scan the QR Code inside to access your exclusive lesson videos created by Piers & Andy 

2 In 1 Mat Simulating Fairway & Rough

Pair this mat with our home training net to practice shots from different lies.

  • Indoor and Outdoor

    Whether you have an indoor golf studio or you are looking to protect the grass in your garden, the dual turf mat will help.

  • Mini-Series Training Videos

    Let Piers and Andy show you how to get the most out of your dual-turf golf hitting mat with multiple training drills to improve your game.

  • 2 Hitting Surfaces

    Two types of synthetic grass, imitating the fairway and rough on real golf course.

  • Mat Size

    Perfectly sized mat 32.5cm wide and long, more than enough space to hit your shots.

  • Rubber Tees

    Includes 3 rubber tees (7cm, 5cm & 3cm) help to improve your tee shots.

Official merchandise of #1 online PGA coaches Me and My Golf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Me and My Golf training videos?

Inside the box is a leaflet stating how to watch the training videos. Simple scan the QR code on the leaflet and should be taken to the Me and My Golf website. Either register for free or login and you’ll have full access to the videos.

Will the mat move when I hit from it?

The mat weighs around 2 kg so it does take a powerful swing to even move it more than a few centimetres. Overall, the mat is extremely well built and should easily stay in position when practicing from it.

How many golf tee's do I get with my mat?

The mat comes with three rubber golf tees. A large 7cm tee, medium 5cm tee and a small 3cm tee. Perfect for when you want to practice your drives, or any other type of tee shot.