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Me and My Golf

Pure Your Irons Bundle

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Products included:
  • Ball Striker Towel
  • Swing & Grip Trainer
  • Impact Bag
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Pure Your Irons

Our Pure Your Irons bundle will hone you ball striking so you can become more confident in your irons!

  • The Ball Striker

    This versatile towel can be used at the driving range or practise ground in order to dial in your pre-shot routine. Learn how to strike the ball, then the turf correctly for that perfect contact.

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  • Swing & Grip Trainer

    Instantly improve your game with the simple and easy to use Me and My Golf Swing & Grip Trainer. Improve your swing, strength and grip all in one.

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  • Impact Golf Swing Training Bag

    Provides instant feedback on your clubface position at impact, helping to diagnose the reasons for that slice or hook.

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