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Me and My Golf

Spring Training Bundle

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Products included:
  • Home Training Net
  • Tri Turf Mat
  • Impact Bag
  • Access the exclusive training videos included with each product by scanning the QR Code inside the box.

Get Ready for the Golf Season!

Our Spring Training Bundle is composed of the products we believe you should be using to get ready for the golf season!

  • Home Training Net

    The large hitting area provides you with enough space to continually practice so, when you get out on the golf course, you'll feel comfortable with your swing.

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  • Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat

    Tri-Turf Hitting Mat is the perfect product to fine tune your driving, irons and short game. You can practice any shot with rough turf, fairway turf and tee turf

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  • Impact Golf Swing Training Bag

    Provides instant feedback on your clubface position at impact, helping to diagnose the reasons for that slice or hook.

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